Can I Give My Dog Glucosamine and MSM For His Joints?

Animals also experience arthritis. Like humans, the joints and its synovial fluid also follows the theory of wear and tear. As animals age, their joints become weak and lesser fluid is being produced as lubricant. They may experience joint pain which can make your pets immobile, irritable and stressed. Unfortunately, since dogs are carnivorous, they usually feed on meat in which uric acid is high. Uric acid is one of the precipitating factors arthritis and other joint discomforts.

MSM or Methylsulfonylmethane is a food supplement which can significantly relieve joint pains. One of MSM’s precursors is sulfur. Sulfur has an anti – inflammatory property thus preventing joint pains. Sulfur is also an important component of joint cartilages. It makes the cartilages that make up the joints stronger. MSM is also necessary to the body because it is the compound which supplies sulfur to the body. This chemical compound is composed of about 34% sulfur. MSM is more effective if taken together with other anti – arthritic agents such as glucosamine. MSM can be found naturally in trace amounts on many foods. Studies reveal that MSM absorption in the stomach is that it is attached to proteins and absorbed into the connective tissues of the joints.

Additional sulfur supply of sulfur is important in the body because it is required ion the synthesis of collagen for a healthy connective tissue and improves cellular regeneration. As a result, this will promote joint strength and flexibility. MSM also has an antioxidant property in which it is capable of attaching to free radicals thus facilitating elimination out of the body.

Among dogs, MSM can be given orally, topically or by injection (Veterinarian only). Oral preparations come in liquid or pill form. Topically, gel preparation of MSM is applied on joint area. More importantly, injection must be done by a trained medical professional.

Another food supplement which can improve a healthier joint is Glucosamine. It is very effective in maintaining the health of dog joints. A healthy joint ensures proper mobility. Glucosamine is a precursor of your pet’s glycosaminoglycans which is a main component of connective tissues throughout the body. In addition, glucosamine can also provide a relaxing effect to dog joints.

Types of glucosamine include a combination with sulfate, hydrochloric acid and two molecules of potassium chloride. Glucosamine comes in the form of liquid or pills. Injectables glucosamine is also available just like MSM. Chemically, if MSM is primarily sulfur – based, Glucosamine is an amino acid derivative of glucose. This chemical is isolated from the hydrolysis of chitin. Chitin is a complex carbohydrate from the shells of crustaceans such as crabs, shrimps, lobsters and the like. Glucosamine supplement is very cost effective and reliable since it can be extracted from shells which are often thrown away.

Generally, Glucosamine and MSM supplements are good for the joint health of your dog. Most pet owners supplement their dog foods most especially when their dogs are experiencing decreased mobility. The effect of these supplements can be seen within a short period of time.

Joint supplements for dogs are available at your local or internet vitamin store. Always choose name brands like Actipet to ensure quality of what you buy for your dogs health.