Everything You Should Know About Cat Scratching Post

Cats are naturally fond of scratching things. They tend to hook up their claws to surfaces and scratch them. This way they can sharpen their claws and remove old materials from it. This can also be a mark for territory. A scent gland in their paws mark the territory they want to contain. Also it serves as means of exercise for their muscles. They can scratch on your walls or worse, on your expensive furniture. This is the most problematic behavior of a cat because it poses a great deal of damage to you. That is why having a scratch post is of the essence when it comes to caring for your cat. Scratching post is any wooden post that is mostly rough. Its purpose is to divert the attention of your cat thus preventing them from scratching on your furniture. The most common type of scratching post is the wooden ones. It usually measures 60-90 centimeters. It is mostly covered with rough fabric. Having a rough surface separates your scratching post so any other furniture in your house. It has wide base that allows a stable support that it would not trip off when your pet scratches on to it and it also allows your cat to fully extend their body thus keeping their body fit. Surfaces may vary depending on the kind of cat your have or your own personal preference. Most of the pet owners go for a corrugated cardboard surface. There are also posts that are more elaborated such as some containing several levels of horizontal platforms that promote your cats to climb on it and also there are some with a cave–like area where cats can go inside and hide. There are also variations like designing it to be tall and have tension rods that reach to your ceiling to make it even more stable. The likes of this are often called “cat trees”. There are also cat scratch post that are simple. Surfaces of it consist of a piece of carpet turned upside down and also it can be flat surface with a pad of woven sisal with a loop. This way, it can be hung on a doorknob or anywhere you like. Others made it from corrugated finger board. Cat scratcher can be found in most pet supply stores and also online. But most of the pet owners tend to build their own and customize their cat scratching post.

The more important thing than a cat scratch post mentioned above is the basic knowledge in taking care of your beloved pet feline. Mostly, training your cat is completed within 6 months. You can find many tutorials regarding trainings of your cat in the Internet. Trainings of such includes how to train them to litter in there litter box. Knowing the basics in keeping your litter box clean may be helpful also. As we all know, they have the most disturbing litter smell of all the domesticated animals found in your home. Among the things mention above, the most essential is how an owner understands the different behaviors of their cat and being patient enough when it comes to training them. They may not learn the things you wanted them to learn immediately. But with proper behavior modification techniques and rewarding them when they perform well, surely your pet will amaze you on how fast they will improve.